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Data: Begin of itab1 occurs 0. Include structure itab. Data: End of itab1. Which of the above statements code internal tables with a header line? a) Lines 1 and 4. b) Lines 1 and 3. c) Lines 2 and 4.

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(with header line) itab의 Header Line 만을 제거한다. CLEAR itab[]. (with header line) itab의 Body 만을 제거한다. CL.. data itab tytp table of char10 with header line. 用了该语法以后,itab即是一个内表,又是一个与该内表结构相同的工作区 因为itab同时是工作区,又是内表,很容易混淆,所以在现在程序开发中不建议使用,一般都需要另建工作区,来操作内表, 2008-01-30 · data type standard table of with non-unique default key initial size with header line.


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You can avoid this potential confusion by using internal tables without With " READ TABLE itab. ", the header line of the internal table itab is used as the output area; with " READ TABLE itab INTO wa. " the explicity specified work area wa is used for this purpose. The return code value of SY-SUBRC specifies whether a suitable entry was found.


Abap itab with header line

有一下两种方式操作itab: 1).

Abap itab with header line

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3. Data: Itab1 type itab occurs 0. 4. Data: Begin of itab1 occurs 0. Include structure itab. Data: End of itab1.

"here in_table2 means the header of the table (a structure) ENDLOOP. When you have headers with internal tables, you shouldn’t use it in the same way. You should use field symbols for looping and append like this − FIELD-SYMBOLS: LIKE LINE OF in_table2[]. When you use LOOP AT itab, the header line of the internal table itab is used as the output area (this is only possible for tables with a header line). When you use LOOP AT itab INTO wa, the explicitly specified work area wa is used as the output area.
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Abap itab with header line

data: it type it_line occurs 0 with header line. " this you want to correct select * from spfli into corresponding fields of table it. loop at it. write it-carrid, it-connid. endloop.

INCLUDE STRUCTURE MARC. DATA: END OF ITAB. DATA: V_NB TYPE I. *--ALV Grid DATA: OK_CODE LIKE SY-UCOMM. DATA: CUSTOM_CONTAINER TYPE REF TO CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER.… An internal table without header line ITAB is passed to the subroutines. It is passed to FILL by reference and it is passed to OUT by value.
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Tables with header lines are an older concept and should not be used in new development. Internal Table: Standard Table with / without header line This code declares the table i_compc_all with the existing structure of compc_str. Using header line can cause ambiguity in code, for example CLEAR t_itab2 means that you cleared entire contents of table t_itab2, whilst the statement CLEAR t_itab1 will only clear the contents of t_itab1 header. To clear the entire contents of internal table with header line, use brackets after variable statement, ex: CLEAR t_itab1[]. The header line is a field string with the same structure as a row of the body, but it can only hold a single row. It is a buffer used to hold each record before it is added or each record as it is retrieved from the internal table.